Microtargeted Solutions

  • advanced market segmentation
  • addresses the accelerating fragmentation
  • utilizes advanced information management technology

MicroTargeting is advanced market segmentation at the individual consumer/voter level, which answers the most fundamental marketing questions. Who wants to buy my products and services? Who shares my political views and ideologies? Why will they buy my products and services? Why will they vote for my candidate or support my issue?

MicroTargeting addresses the accelerating fragmentation of media and information sources and atomization of communication channels that has placed an even greater premium on one-on-one direct marketing of products and ideas.

MicroTargeting utilizes advanced information management technology for sequencing an individual’s unique ”data trail” to predict attitudes and behaviors.

MicroTargeting identifies your individual marketing targets, across multiple dimensions, from the most to the least profitable customer/voter.

MicroTargeting is not like the rudimentary segmentation schemes developed decades ago, lumping millions of households together based solely on their zip code, or age, or magazine preferences, and delivered with glib profiles that are more entertaining than useful.

MicroTargeting uses all of that data – and much, much more – to develop a custom and proprietary segmentation model that directly fits your products, your services and your marketing challenges.

MicroTargeting is a new way of doing things, one that actually fulfills the promise of the "one-to-one" "360-view"

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